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  1. How to Begin Your Journey with SPE as a Student Member & make the best out of it – 8th June,2024
  2. How did I transitioned from an SPE Student member to a Professional member : Understanding Benifits & Opportunities – 9th June,2024
  3. My Journey as an Industry Professional : Reflections from my experience with SPE International & Advice to the Younger Generation – 13th June,2024


  1. An Overview Of Well Stimulation Services – 13th April,2024 
  2. Basics Of Petroleum Reservoir Simulation – 11th May,2024
  3. Preparation Strategies for Placement in Premium Indian Oil and Gas Industries like ONGC (Gate PE 2025) – 12th May,2024
  4. Chemical EOR in Oil Reservoirs – 18th May,2024
  5. Introduction to Deep Water Operations – 28th June,2024
  6. Energy Transition : Bridging Fossil to Future, to achieve Decarbonization Goals – 29th June,2024
  7. Carbon Capture & Storage, Focusing the Role of Petroleum Engineers in it – 6th July,2024

Social Service and Outreach Programs

  1. Empowering Future : Providing Stationary to Poor & Underprivileged Students – 15th July,2024


  1. The JNTUK SPE student chapter organized a 15 days (20-05-2024 to 05-06-2024) Virtual skill development programme in Lieu of the summer internship for 2nd & 3rd year B. Tech Petroleum Engineering students of Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada. (112 Students participated in the programme). The programme consisted 58 online lectures covering various important topics in petroleum engineering like Petroleum Geology, Petroleum Exploration, Well Logging & Formation Evaluation, Drilling Technology, Well Completions, Petroleum Production System, Reservoir Deliverability, Well Deliverability, Wellbore Performance, Choke Performance, Nodal Analysis, Decline Curve Analysis, Estimation of Oil & Gas Reserves, Oil & Gas Well Testing, Pumps & Compressors, Drive Mechanisms, Material balance Analysis, Heat Exchangers & Separators, HSE in Petroleum Industry, Overview of Coal Bed Methane, Gas Hydrates, Design & Construction of Oil & Gas Pipelines and Modelling & Simulation of Liquid Pipelines. 


  1.  SPENERGY SYNAPSE – Episode 1 – Energy transition & the Future of Petroleum Engineering. (In association with SPE PARUL UNIVERSITY STUDENT CHAPTER) – 27th June,2024
  2. Petroquest Lecture Series 1.0 : CO2 EOR & Its Application in CCUS ( In association with SPE Dibrugarh University Student Chapter) – 17th July,2024
  3. Drilling Services : A Field Aspect (In Association with SPE RGIPT Student Chapter & Educave Training Academy) – 20th July,2024